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  Welcome to Happy Fly Tenerife. Paragliding in Tenerife  





Paragliding in Tenerife. Company dedicated to the free flight tandem wing which offers you the attractive opportunity to realize your dream of flying in a fun, educational way and with all the security and seriousness that we endorse. The tandem flight is the safest way to make a contact with our sport and to understand better the nature that surrounds us (aerodynamics, thermal winds and its components, etc...). If you are looking for to make a new, sporadic experience to enjoy the moment or enter fully and delve into the world of paragliding this is your place.

HAPPY FLY TENERIFE has a highly qualified technical team with over 15 years of experience from many of its members, which will guide you from the beginning of your adventure until the end of the flight in a simple and pleasant way, already if you've flown you look towards the sky with other eyes, because you've been there and will want to return. So if you have any questions, we encourage you take a look at our website and you can resolve any of them, and of course we hope to see you soon with us to enjoy together the experience, you just have to let you guide and enjoy this unique experience.

Given our fortunate geographical situation, our terrain and spring-like climate which we have, we have the best areas of flight around the world, because we can fly all year round and move in and out of the island to the different and varied spaces, carry out our activity according to our needs or either for the duration of the flight, the meteorology which best suits the area of the flight of the day or simply to enjoy the variety of landscapes that give us our islands.

We have several flight modes:

Basic or Normal Flight: It is a flight with an approximate duration of between 15 and 25 minutes where we have areas such as Taucho, Ifonche, choosing one of the zones depending on the weather of the day.
Price: € 90   BOOK NOW!
Flight Costa Adeje / Ifonche: It consists of flying and taking the maximum height to fly over the Costa Adeje area and ensure the landing at La Caleta Beach. We will use the flight areas of Ifonche or Taucho.
Price: € 110    BOOK NOW!

High Performance: The duration of this flight is more than 25 minutes, where we will have to turn thermal (columns of hot air in ascension) and move along the valley to enjoy a feeling of freedom in the sky as if from a will be treated. Takeoffs in Taucho or Ifonche.
Price: € 140   BOOK NOW!

Izaña Flight: It is a flight of a duration of between 35 and 45 minutes where the takeoff is in the Teide National Park, in an area enabled to carry out our activity. It is one of the flights with the highest altitude, since we take off at 2,400 m. of height and having a drop of those same meters since we landed at sea level, in Puerto de la Cruz. Price: € 180   BOOK NOW!


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HAPPYFLYTENERIFE   -  Tourist registration number: I-0003463.1  -  TA-4-0002643.23
Die Schadensblätter sind von Montag bis Freitag von 9 bis 13 Uhr H erhältlich, in C/Fundadores Cooperativa 92, San Miguel de Abona, Santa Cruz de tenerife,
Zu unseren Dienstleistungen gehört nicht die Organisation oder Vermarktung von kombinierten Reisen.